Thursday, September 26, 2013

BIA-Hawaii Board Member, Anthony Borge, elected to Small Business Regulatory Review Board

DBEDT Press Release

HONOLULU—The Small Business Regulatory Review Board (SBRRB) has announced it officers for 2013-2014:
  • Chu Lan Shubert-Kwock, Chair (Oahu)
  • Anthony Borge, Vice Chair (Oahu)
  • Leslie Mullens, Second Vice Chair (Maui)
Additional members are Barbara Bennett (Kauai), Kyoko Kimura (Maui), Howard Lum (Oahu), and Craig Takamine (Hawaii).

About the Small Business Regulatory Review Board:

The SBRRB was established on July 1, 1998 with the passage of the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act. The responsibilities of the SBRRB include:
  1. Commentary on small business impact statements to the rule-drafting departments,
  2. Identification and commentary on business impact of existing administrative rules,
  3. Recommendations to the Governor’s Office, Departments or the Legislature regarding the need for an administrative rule or legislative change,
  4. Recommendations to the Mayors or County Councils regarding County rules, and
  5. Review of small business petitions and complaints on business impact.

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