Friday, August 23, 2013

Help Ensure Better Building Codes

Beginning in September, NAHB will send a series of emails to all Builder members that detail some important proposed changes in the next current cycle of building codes as International Code Council (ICC) officials prepare for the Final Action Hearings in Atlantic City, N.J. Oct. 2-10. These hearings will determine the final outcome of all 2,065 proposed code changes to the International Residential Code, International Energy Conservation Code, International Fire Code and others.

NAHB has already developed the 2015 ICC Code Development Action Kit – available to logged-in members and HBA staff.

Why the push? Many of the code change proposals, if approved, will drive the cost of building even higher with minimal corresponding benefit. Paybacks for some of the proposed “improvements” may never be reached during the average home owner’s occupancy – and others are just a way to codify the purchase of a particular product or brand. On the other hand, there are also proposals, such as those submitted by NAHB, which do need approval to lower upfront construction costs while still maintaining occupant safety and welfare.

NAHB is calling on all builders to reach out to their local code officials attending the hearings so they vote and testify in support of NAHB’s positions on the most critical code change proposals. NAHB is calling on EOs, as well, to reinforce this message to their members, and will provide templates to make the job easier.

Watch your email after the Labor Day holiday – and help NAHB help our members promote sensible building codes. For additional information, contact Neil Burning at 800-368-5242 x8564.

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